Women’s day!

I’m super excited about a day for women! We do A LOT for the world. I’m sure every one knows it! From pushing out babies to building bombs we are there in force. I couldn’t be more proud to raise other women up to their creative potential. I also STRONGLY encourage you to have legal representation if things go awry. There is so much value for 20$USD a month can buy for your security and peace of mind. The member perks are pretty fucking rock star too! I’ve already used it a bunch, not even to call my lawyer. I’m a Groupon/coupon cutter. I NEED SAVINGS! Who doesn’t? This is totally worth it to me and I hope you see the value in it too. I don’t know the law or what all of my constitutional rights are, but I sure can make 30 pancakes for a sleep over for all my kids and neighbor kids! A huge thank you to having this great service. It’s like AAA for the legal word to you. It is SO awesome! How can you use advice from an attorney, lawyer, or law firm? Need a local discount on food? Ready to have your Will written so you don’t leave family in double despair? Someone stole your babies brand new social security number? Getting married? Getting a home? Signing contracts? Starting a business? Have a business and need to collect monies owed? THERE IS SO MUCH!! If you don’t have legal questions, you’re not breathing. HAHAHA. Come find me. Or not, you don’t even have to talk to me if you’re too shy. Read my website. Level the legal playing field, you DESERVE to have your right represented!!!




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